This is where it all begins. We’re going back to the roots, the roots of ourselves and our stories. Back to tiny beginnings, as ideas and identities pushed up through the soil towards the sun to thrive and become something big. A rejuvenating regeneration follows a certain decay: refocus is achieved by stripping back the superfluous.


We continually adapt in order to survive, not only as species but also as individuals – remaining stagnant would be fatal. The overflow of this summer’s yield nestles into the earth; the flora and fauna surrounding us now is the germination of life to come.


Novelty’s 9th issue is dedicated to the theme “Back to the basics”. To understand where we’re going, we need to rediscover our roots: the soil and society that shaped us and sent us out into the world. This issue is about examining our origins, sensing our interconnectedness and creating harmony in order to thrive.


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